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Why Us?

Depending on what stage you are in product development, we tailor services that meet your company needs to ensure a successful product launch and introduction into the global marketplace.

All customers are not the same.  Depending on company size, experience, and skillset, we provide customers with valuable experience required to ensure critical product development activities and schedule milestones are achieved.

In the early development stage, we can review your product and provide an accurate product cost and recommend cost reductions in material, and assembly / test labor to ensure your target product cost is achieved.

​Unlike Tier 1 & Tier 2 service providers, where Mature companies with stable products and steady revenue growth are desirable and Startup companies with changing products and unstable revenue growth are undesirable, the focus and attention your company receives is directly related to your revenue size.  

We develop strategic sourcing plans and supply chains that ensure all customers are a top priority.  We realize that customers require different levels of focus and attention.

We have been establishing partnerships with Asian suppliers for over 8 years.   These relationships are based on high quality standards, low production costs, exceptional on-time delivery, scalable production capacity, high manufacturing expertise, and efficient manufacturing.

If your product requires new and advanced manufacturing processes, we have the network in place to source suppliers to meet the customer's needs.

​Many Tier 1 and Tier 2 service providers source components from distributors.  In doing so, their pricing competitiveness  diminishes regardless of their volume purchasing power.

We purchase and negotiate pricing directly with commercial and custom component manufacturers.  This improves the robustness of the supply chain and translates directly into improved lead times and cost savings for the customer.  The end result is we can provide more competitive pricing.

We alleviate the customer's concerns regarding Intellectual Property (IP) protection by dealing with reputable suppliers thru Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA).  To migrate the risk, we develop supply chains that ensure no one supplier has access to all IP required to produce the product.
The key strengths that differentiate
us from other providers!

Through direct procurement and established supplier partnerships, we are more flexible than many Tier 1 and Tier 2 service providers to scale operations upward and downward in response to the customer's demand.  In dealing directly with the manufacturers and the factories that produce the components, we have a significant advantage in dealing with demand volatility.  Supplier capacity can be allocated or deallocated more efficiently.  We maintain short lead times that minimize exposure to excess and obsolete inventory.  All critical in meeting timely product launch, ramp, and volume production requirements for a global marketplace.
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