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Founded in 2004, 4th Quadrant Solutions has 20+ years of knowledge and experience in the Contract Manufacturing Services (CMS) / Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) industry to provide its customers with the best business practices and world-class product development services.

For companies whose core competencies and strengths are design, marketing, and sales, you can rely on 4th Quadrant Solutions with its proven track record and success to seamlessly transition your product from design to introduction and production ramp to volume.

Avoid the pitfalls and disruptions in supplier sourcing and manufacturing that result in long component lead times, higher product costs, delayed engineering changes, unexpected quality issues, missed deliveries, and high inventory excess and obsolescence.

With continued focus and commitment, our comprehensive services, innovative strategies and global solutions are tailored to meet the customer's needs and exceed their expectations for product cost, quality, and delivery; and for production capability and capacity / scalability. Product commercialization is our expertise.

  • Exceed customer expectations to ensure overall success.
  • Be responsive to our customer's needs through rapid execution, flexibility, and a "Can Do Attitude".

  • Mutually beneficial relationships with employees, customers, and suppliers to establish "Win-Win" relationships and sustained profitable growth.
  • Promote teamwork among entities to drive common goals and objectives.

  • Practice the highest standards of individual / business professionalism and ethics in all dealings with people and organizations.

  • Ensure that the customer's quality requirements are clearly defined, communicated, and understood.
  • Ensure that suppliers posses the required Quality, Regulatory, Environmental, and Workmanship standards for "Exceptional Quality".
  • Instill a "Right The First Time" work ethic and achieve Continuous Process Improvements thru Six Sigma, Kaizen, and Lean Manufacturing programs.

  • Share information within organization(s) to maximize understanding, commitment, and ownership.
  • Communicate with external entities is clear, timely, honest, and accurate manner.
  • "What we say we can do and achieve" is executed and followed up by tangible results.

The fundamental values
 that drive success!
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